Team H Endurance and Summer Breeze

Team H Endurance’s Summer Breeze was 2016 Lancashire Novice winner and has continued to improve in 2017 resulting in her winning the Hammadat Trophy. The Hammadat Trophy is awarded for the highest number of points for 7yrs and under in all competitive (GER and CERs). The Hammadat trophy is very special to the Helme family of Team H Endurance, as Hammadat was the family’s first Endurance horse to hit the big time. He was Endurance National champion, British team horse and overall superstar that cemented the family’s life long interest in horses and Endurance.
Linda Cowperthwaite at Team H Endurance had this to say about Breeze and her fantastic 2017 achievement:
“Summer Breeze has been part of the team H stables since Oct 2014. She is our ‘Pre-Loved’ bargain who was a chance buy. She is by premium stallion Al Sood and after her brother, Zorro Nazerro’s very successful Endurance career at Team H, we didn’t want to miss our chance with such excellent breeding lines.
Breeze is taking time to mature but we have taken her very steady to allow for this. In 2017 she easily progressed from Novice to Advanced Endurance level. Because of this I suggested to Evelyn, Breeze’s owner, to let me attempt an 80km CEI * at Euston Park. I have many years’ experience and know the route well as well as a very experienced crew and thought it was well suited to Breeze.
On the day Breeze upped her game play and she loved every minute. If Breeze could give her review it would be she loved the unlimited feed, her crew were amazing and attended to her every whim. She could have gone faster but the rider said no no no!! The day was all about her, which she loved! She was text book with her attitude, presentation times and competitive edge out on course. setting good sound foundation for this season. We were so pleased with Breeze’s attitude following Euston Park. One thing we have worked out though, Breeze does not like the cold! (She found this out the hard way at Red Dragon!)
Exciting times ahead in 2018 for Miss Breeze & team H.”
Agreed! Good luck Summer Breeze and Team H Endurance, and congratulations!