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Membership Information

Whether you wish to join EGB for the first time or are an existing Full or Associate member wishing to renew your membership then please use the link to National to join or renew online. You must be a valid member at the time of entering a ride to claim kilometres for Lancashire or National trophies, no membership no kilometres.

There are many types of membership details can be found on the National EGB website

:: Endurance GB Membership Options

:: Online Joining and Entry for Full and Associate members (Endurance GB)

:: How to Enter a National Ride as a Pleasure Rider

If you are not currently a member you may  wish to talk to some one about the various membership options available.  In this case please phone Sarah Bamber (see contact us).

Horse/Ride Cards Registrations

All horses must be registered yearly with the EGB Lancashire group to qualify for Lancashire Awards and Trophies.

:: Lancashire EGB Online Horse Registration Form 2022 – Complete and submit form below and receive your ride cards for this season

Horse Registration 2022 form