Lily Gibbons of LRG Endurance and Prince

Lily is the winner of the Helme Trophy over the 2017 season and recently awarded the EGB Young Rider Scholarship.
Lily has been travelling the country competing in EGB rides for what feels like years and years now despite her young age and is another promising pairing for Lancashire’s Endurance GB Young Riders of the future having won the Helme trophy two years running now and having featured in the last Lancashire Newsletter for her success at National level. Well done and good luck Lily and Prince! ☺🤞🏽
We spoke to Lily about her Endurance career and winning the Helme trophy, awarded to the competitive Junior Rider aged 8 to 13 years old, gaining the highest number of points competing in EGB graded rides (GERs) only riding one or more horse/ponies, the best 10 rides count towards the points.
“I have been competing in endurance rides since July 2015 when I was 10 years old. My first horse was Sandy, we purchased him from Kath Wilson who introduced me to endurance riding. Sandy is an Icelandic barefoot pony with a stubborn, naughty streak. He taught me everything that I know about horse welfare, riding and endurance. Unfortunately, last season I got too big for him and mid-season had to make the terrible decision to let him go to another little girl. I now have a 15’1 full Arab called Sulan Electric Prince, aka Prince. He may be familiar to some of you as he was Kathleen McGee’s trusty steed. Last season we managed to complete the season with good mileage and for the second year, win the Helme trophy. Also for the second year, I have come 3rd in the national Junior rider championship.
Endurance riding gives me a sense of freedom. I feel lucky that I can ride in lots of places that people don’t often get to go. I also get to meet wonderful people along the way. I feel privileged that riders volunteer to escort or ride alongside me, if it wasn’t for their kindness, I wouldn’t be able to compete. My parents don’t ride so they usually crew for me and the people who offer to ride alongside me.
Prince and I are still getting to know each other, and after a very bad winter and not much training, I think we may have a slow start to the season. However, I have the support of my friends from Lancashire Egb, and friends from all over the country who encourage me to progress in my riding and develop my skills. This year I hope to go to some of the junior camps and progress to advanced. I also aim to win the Helme trophy again and progress nationally. “