Lancs group EGB are supporting the Charity Echo in Africa charity which has been providing a screening programme for the occurrence of rheumatic heart disease in children from the townships of Cape Town.. These children do not have access to the medical facilities which you or I would expect and this screening programme may be the only means of their illness being detected.  Further details of this charity can be accessed on the British Society of Echocardiography website.

The Monday before the ride we were notified by the venue that unless the weather improved the ride would have to be cancelled due to ground conditions. So Janet and I spent the evening advising people by text, EGB website and Facebook that it was likely the ride would not happen. Then late Wednesday evening we were told the ride could go ahead after all though with some changes to the anticipated route. Friday saw Janet and I walking the lanes, fells and bridleways around the area marking routes ready for Saturday’s event and having last minute chats with the landowners whose land we were crossing before heading off to the Apple Store for a pretty late lunch. We were more than a little worried that the weather would break again and force the dreaded cancellation.

On Saturday the weather was fantastic. Although the route had to be altered because of ground conditions and was boggy in some parts, the majority of the 49 riders seemed to really enjoy the day, especially the views across Morecambe Bay from above Fell End. Most of our riders were non-EGB members and they seemed to enjoy themselves tremendously, let’s hope they enjoyed it so much that they want to do it again and again. We would like to say thanks to all the riders who went carefully along the bridleway at Lane Head. As we discovered on Friday this actually passed through someone’s front garden, must remember that for next time. A few riders did seem to get lost here and there but everyone ultimately got back safe and sound to the venue. Perhaps we should’ve put more markers out but we assumed that because the route incorporated designated bridleways and was marked as such on the OS map and on posts it was obvious where the route lay. Obviously a case of assume nothing.

Beth Eastham of JustBE photography was there on the day and took some super pictures. Please have a look at the ride photos on her website or via Facebook. Beth is also doing a write up about the ride which will be in Lancashire Life and will include some pictures of the event.

Many thanks have to go to Helen and Kenny at Swainshead Farm, Ayurveda Northern Approach for permitting access across their land for last Saturday (please note this part of the ride was only accessible for the day). Finally big Thanks to Dolphinholme Country Ride for allowing us to use their super facilities.
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